Have you ever been away from home on the day of the big game and wished that you could tap into your television to watch it? Now you can with a Slingbox!

This great technology allows you to view your home cable television or DVR from anywhere in the world. From the front porch to the vacation house, if the game's on, and you have a connection, your phone, tablet, or computer become another TV for your home.

Slingbox 350 Slingbox 500
For Component TV's For HDMI TV's
Once Slingbox is installed, you can view your favorite programs on your iPad while relaxing at the vacation rental, on your iPhone in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, on your office computer, or perhaps on your school computer (using the family cable subscription back home). Anywhere you have an internet connection you can now have access to your (or your family's) home television!

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